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phone: 0049/0170/1046318

Holger Deschakovski
Seilerstr. 6
85051 Ingolstadt a.d. Donau

Jugenschutzbeauftragter: Reinhard Deschakovski /

some details about amidalla
Amidalla Search Engine is online since July 2004, providing full Text Search of its own Database which is fed by the "Amibot" Web Crawler. Amibot currently crawls and indexes HTM, HTML, PHP, CFM and ASP Files in several Languages, including native Russian, Polish and the Languages of other Countries. Amidalla's Search Script and Crawler are written in PERL combined with PHP Code to maintain an Archive of Search Terms. The Database is realized with Berkeley DB. Flat Text Files are used for the URL Database to allow an Binary Search for sorting in new URL's.

amidallas spider is named " amibot ".
" amibot " respects your robots.txt file.
more info on the robots.txt exclusion standard and how to create an robots.txt file is to be found at
if you like you may submit your website here, or submit it to our directory.

amidalla at your website
you may setup an direct link to amidallas main site.
just copy and paste following code into your website ->  <a href="">amidalla search engine - suchmaschine</a>
this will result in following link ->  amidalla search engine - suchmaschine

remove your website from amidallas database
if you like your site to be removed from the amidalla search engine, please mailto with the url ( website ) which got to be taken out of the database.